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Fundamental Handgun Course


This course is designed for those interested in gaining a working knowledge in firearms, firearm safety and shooting fundamentals.  It is 4 hours of hands on training using a combination of both classroom and practical course shooting, using SIRT guns in our state of the art facility.  The student will be trained to handle and become familiar with different  types of handguns and their functions.


Basic Shooting Training
Level 1

This is a 4 hour course for the beginning individual learning about safety, handgun basics, shooting techniques using SIRT guns and dry fire, in our state of the art indoor facility.  You will be learning the correct stance and body position when firing the handgun, how to properly grip the handgun, sight alignment and sight picture, and trigger finger placement.  You do NOT need any equipment to take this course.  Everything is provided for you.

Basic Shooting Training Level 2

This is a 4 hour course for the individual who knows the basics but wants to become more proficient and confident in their gun handling and accuracy especially in regard to being a CCW holder.  Course topics include: Holster Draw from Concealment, multiple target shooting using SIRT gun, and electronic targets.  Trigger Reset, and After Action Drills.

Personal Defense
Handgun Range Training

This is a 4 hour, hands on, live ammo range training course designed for those who want to use their handguns effectively for Concealed Carry and Personal Protection.  This will enable you to perform a wide range of defensive techniques and prepare you for every aspect of self-defence shooting while using multiple targets.  This course will allow you to dramatically improve your speed and consistency in shooting.

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